How to Destroy Your Reading Rut

Passion for reading taken a nose-dive off a cliff? Read on for tips how to break out of your reading rut.

Falling out of love with reading. Impossible, right? Absolutely. Bookworms will always love reading, and it’s for you avid readers that the idea of taking a break from books is completely outrageous. Sometimes, though, we lose the buzz. It’s tragic, but it’s true. Whether we like it or not, sometimes we fall into a reading rut. After a lifetime of devouring book after book, something has you hesitating to reach for the next paperback.

So how does such a burning passion become a timid ember? University and parenthood are notorious book-blockers. Studying for a degree has you reading so many academic books, and during my time at uni, recreational reading fell to the furthest of my back burners. Several burners behind trying crazy new things
and dozens behind 9AM lectures. As for kids, well, they’ll put a stop to sleeping and bathroom privacy so spending half an hour alone with a book is a pie-in-the-sky dream.

The day you want to get back into reading is the same day you realise you’ve been out of the game so long you have no idea where to begin. Here’s where, bookworms:

Start With Favourites

When you have gone months or even years without committing some time toreading, it’s hard to know where to start. Re-ignite your passion for reading by picking up a book that captured your imagination as a youngster. After trying to start several new books, Harry Potter audiobooks and a battered copy of The Worst Witch were the stories to send my reading rut to its fiery death.

While these books didn’t make me fall in love with reading, they got me addicted. The first shots of heroin that made me dependent. Returning to your favourites can reacquaint you with the warm feelings of reading and make you feel as excited to delve into new ones.

Read In Your Fail-Safe Genres

You love books, but some take the top spots, and those personal award-winners probably fall into one genre or a few similar ones. If the compulsion to a read a new book is keeping you up at night, find something that won’t let you down. Go to your favourite section of your favourite bookstore (take a picnic in case you’re there a few days) and find a book you can’t resist. The tastiest chocolate in the box.

The genres you enjoyed more than any other will be your safety net as you re-discover your reading addiction. As a huge lover of urban fantasy, the new book to drag me out of the ashes was “A Discovery of Witches”. Supernatural creatures, ancient tomes and a strong, female lead. Yes, please!

After a few days with that masterpiece, my book blues were a thing of the past. Starting with the genres you most enjoy will ensure you start off a reading binge with something that gives you the chills.

Re-associate Reading With Relaxation

Relaxation advice is all about reading. Take a bath, with a book. Chill on the beach, with a book. The only
tried and tested methods of relaxation that don’t involve books are napping and TV, and let’s face it, there’s nothing much good on now until 2019. When you’ve found a great read, start making reading part of your relaxation. When relaxing and reading becomes one and the same, the chances of another reading rut are slimmer than a ballet dancer on opening night.

Reading ruts happen and sometimes there’s no stopping them, but we can break them. Cut them off before they take years of your book-less life, and don’t just find something interesting to read. Find something spectacular.

On that note, my short story “The Witch’s Touch” is free for my newsletter subscribers! Is it spectacular? That’s for you to decide, and I sure hope you think so.

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